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How To Participate

Writing Shares

While we have a weekly topic posted, please feel free to post a share any time your HP nudges you on the HP/God moments; your spiritual journey - what it was like BA (before Al-Anon), what changed/is changing, what it is like today and the tools that worked for you; experiences with prayer and meditation; insights that came in prayer and meditation; favorite CAL on Steps 3 & 11; observations of HP/God at work; reflections in your HP Journal; and ESH in challenges you are facing; etc.

For the reader's benefit, it is helpful if you use lots of small paragraphs. There is no limit to length.

Posting Shares

  1. In the "To:" box of your e-mail enter the address you have been given. (You may want to put the address of Awakenings in your address book now.)

  2. In the Subject box type the topic. The listserve will automatically add "Awakenings" once your message is posted to the group.

  3. In the message box type what you have to say.

  4. Send your share to the listserve and it will be delivered to everyone who is a member/participant of Awakenings.

Responding To Posted Shares

If you wish to respond to a share you have received you have two choices:

a) Respond just to the INDIVIDUAL who posted the share. To do this, on your e-mail screen hit the reply button and your post will be sent to the individual whose share you just read. The address box should show the email address for the individual; or...

b) Post another share to the ENTIRE LIST. To do this open a new message, find the Awakenings address in your personal address book or enter in the "To" box, the Awakenings address you have been given. Complete the Subject box, type your share and send. [Note: Before sending your reply to the INDIVIDUAL or ENTIRE list, you may wish to check your "To" and "Cc" boxes.]

A Word About Repeating What Someone Posted In Your Reply

Please remember to ask permission before forwarding anyone's e-mail. This will help protect anonymity and preserve the Al-Anon guideline of "who you see here, what you read here, when you leave here, let it stay here." (amended by group conscience, April 2009)

To Request Changes In Your E-Mail Address

If you change your e-mail name, we will need to notify the listserve or you will not be recognized as a person having entry to use this list. Use this form to contact technical support.

To Request Postponement If You Want Mail Stopped For Awhile

If you are going to be away from your e-mail address for a period of time and do not want to receive sharings please contact technical support.

To Remove Your Name From The Listserve

If you decide that Awakenings if not currently serving your recovery needs, you may unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link that can be found at the bottom of every Awakenings email message.

Important Anonymity Note:

The principles of Al-Anon, the guidelines of Awakenings and our agreement with the e-mail list provider are all designed to protect anonymity. However, in cyberspace, just as in face to face meetings, no one can guarantee absolute anonymity. Therefore, it is wise to keep the focus on yourself in what is shared here and not reveal details that you would prefer others not see. (amended by group conscience, April 2009)

To Obtain Assistance

New to Cyberspace? Need some help? The Awakening's Computer Technical Helper, for those of us who are computer newbies, is willing to help you figure out how to set your computer so whole shares are not repeated, set up an address book and give other tips so you feel comfortable participating on Awakenings. Feel free to ask by contacting us.

A Final Word

Our agreement with the email list provider allows for Al-Anon business only. Chain letters and spamming can interfere with the provision of the email list provider mailings. If you have any questions or problems sending or receiving mail, please feel free to contact technical support.

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