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In Al-Anon "participation is the key to harmony". Leaders are trusted servants and do not govern. No one individual is placed in unqualified authority over others; decisions are made by discussion, vote and whenever possible by unanimity; and no action shall ever be personally punitive or an incitement to public controversy.

Making decisions online can be time consuming and can divert participants from the primary spiritual aim of sharing experience strength and hope. While ultimate responsibility and authority belongs to an Al-Anon Group, delegation and the right of decision is afforded selected trusted servants who serve us on AwakeBus.

In order for Awakenings to function and to share the responsibility for its presence in cyberspace we currently have the following trusted servant positions:

  1. Member Contact and OLA-IS Representative
  2. Alternate Member Contact and Alternate OLA-IS Representative
  3. Member Services Coordinator
  4. Member Services Team
  5. Secretary
  6. Trusted Servant Coordinator
    a. Monthly Topic Chairs
    b. Focus on CAL Posters
    c. Forum Article Posters
  7. Computer Technical Helper
  8. Website Coordinator
  9. Sponsor List Coordinator

All are volunteers. The first 2 positions are filled, if possible, for the remainder of the time that the Al-Anon Board of Trustees is reviewing just how on-line Al-Anon fits into the total picture of the world-wide fellowship.

As rotation of leadership is a proven Al-Anon recovery tool, we urge all to volunteer, as you are nudged by your HP.

If you wish to serve Awakenings contact us. If you wish to see the tasks for any or all the trusted servant positions, click here.

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